80.3 x 100 cm

paper + acrylic + digital print(with ai midjourney & dalle2) + pencil + wood
After turning away from reality and starting to talk about dreams, I paint a deeply hypnotic space. Like Mel in Inception, I don't know if I've locked myself in, but I still feel safe.

I followed the composition method established with the <Ultra Mood Series> and thought about a more direct view. At first glance, the characters who become the subjects thought of being placed in a lumpy form with a simple and unlawful body.
Other printed sources for collage were created through AI (midjourny & dalle2). The work in which the intangible becomes realistic through the act of tearing by hand is also maintained. In the past, I created the sources directly with a program like Photoshop, but since working with ai, I was able to add 'unintended and unrealistic coincidences' that appeared in my dreams.
Making the source directly with digital tools such as Photoshop is the dominant structure that I directly control anyway. On the contrary, the results of creating a collage source through AI are mostly random, and I am glad that it reinforces the theme, thinking that it is similar to the sensation felt in a dream (like floundering in water).

However, since I am the one who tells the story of the painting, I go through the work of reprocessing the AI sources to collect those coincidences and draw them out into reality. This is also the process of redefining the initiative of aesthetic activities.

It is also important to finish the collage on the wood paneling as the material itself. Paper, prints, and paints are all processed objects, but what they are placed on must be the one in which the physical properties of the material are not destroyed as much as possible.

Materials that are as unprocessed as possible mean a reality where tactile sensations are alive, and finishing the work on it is like realizing a situation where reality is covered with vomit from dreams.

It is a scene like a greedy desire to maintain the connection even though it says all kinds of nonsense and ignores reality.

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