162.2 x 130.3 cm
Digital Print + Acrylic +
Paper + Colored Pencil + Canvas

Sleepwalkers, which is part of the series Ultra Mood, explores a narrative journey that addresses the temporality of dreams, which differs from my previous work about memory and time.
Through the evaporation of reality, I express everything I have come to recreate in my dreams. 
Sleepwalkers is a digital print measuring approximately 162x130cm, and it is a collage work in which an image is drawn with colored pencil on the print with additional additive elements of text and acrylic paint.
Additionally, I have created a text and video piece titled About the Things I Saw in my Dreams.
As I have done in my previous works, the text consists of 'characters created by directly transforming Hangul,’ which is also included as part of the work.
This work utilizes a collage method in which a printed image was placed on a canvas, and paper-like objects were pasted onto it. In this way, additional stories are expressed through existential collages and text and video works. The collage work has been spread out, and it is arranged as if connected in the air.
I hope that the work will not end with the space occupied by existential works like this, but that it will evoke a limitless dreamlike space.
The following text mirrors the mood and themes of the collage work:
About the Things I Saw in my Dreams
That night. We held hands and met again.
It bloomed brightly and was clearly transparent and white.
To him with a faint appearance. To me who was miserable.
To the watch with a humble heart.
Slowly. I asked with my lips closed.
The house was in the middle of the sea. It was pillow-shaped and jagged with huge duck feathers and was flying around.
Surprisingly, no one wondered who built the house or how.
I want to sleep with my eyes open. Only these words evaporated and spread in the air.
I made a short sound. Did it reach someone's ear?
I want to see one's expression, but I'm not confident.
"It's too late. You are so foolish”
He said, looking down at the falling moon.
“There is no point in looking at it that way. Don't you know how messed up this place is because you built it your way?"
I opened my mouth wide and took in the wind. The clouds also entered me at will and eventually filled me with white particles of moisture.
Unbearably, I swore with my both hands on his swollen cheeks. The hairs of his bob cut began to rise one by one.

NFT - Sleepwalkers : Gold 01
This work is also extended to the NFT version.
Unlike the dark feeling of the previous version, Sleepwalkers-Gold pursued greedy colors.
I want you to feel the things I witnessed in my dreams.

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